Bianca Capretta

I am a Backend Engineer at Spotify. I've worked on making personalized playlists, creating your end of year Wrapped campaign, and improving recommendations in user playlists (have you heard of "Enhance"?). Before Spotify, I studied Computer Science, Cognitive & Brain Sciences, and Music at Tufts University in Boston, but now live in Brooklyn!

Since college, I've enjoyed spending my free time running, embroidering, reading, hiking, making hand-written cards for family and friends, and practicing the guitar and piano. In college, I sang in an a cappella group and a jazz improv combo so you can always expect me to be singing and belting as loud as I can in the shower when no one else is home. I grew up playing classical piano starting at the age of five, with my favorites including Debussy, Mozart, Rachmanioff, Schumann, and Astor Piazzolla.

My name directly translates to "white baby goat" in Italian. If you google my full name and click on Pictures, you will notice me surrounded by white goats. I kid you not (pun intended)!